Why Choose New Classics

Have you ever had the dream of owning your own home?

Have you ever dreamed of planning the home from start to finish, from the way you want the rooms arranged, to the paint colors, to the ceiling heights, to the floor styles? Then New Classics by Scott Hamilton is an easy choice. We want to make the building process easier from start to finish and give you the home you have always dreamed of. Our process of building homes is designed to give you, the new homeowner the creative freedom to make your dreams become reality. When your home is finally complete, you can rest assured that your home will retain its stunning beauty and hold its value for years to come.

We provide you with several different features that are unique to New Classics that are sometimes ignored in the building process. First we want to focus on providing you with superior paint quality. Click here to read about what New Classics provides with every paint color in your home. Second, we want to provide you with energy efficiency and fire safety with our feature insulation. Click here to read more about Gaco Fire Stop insulation. Also, we want to supply your home with higher quality hardwood molding. Click here to read about the difference in New Classics moldings.