Custom Homes

Homes are a distinctive reflection of the owner, like clothes, cars, or even haircuts. So why would you want to build a house that has no design unique to you? At New Classics, we work closely with you to create a home that matches everything you want and desire. From the look of the outside of the house, to the inside floor plan, down to the color and flooring details, we customize the house to be exactly what you want.

Build On Your Lot Or Ours

Some homeowners begin the building process with a certain area of town or countryside in mind. Often times, they also have a lot already purchased when they get to the building process farther along in the future. New Classics is happy to work with those who already have the perfect spot for their home picked out, and also with those who want a lot from one of the several great locations New Classics has available for purchase.  Visit our Lots/Homes For Sale to find the perfect location for your new home.

The Process

Each step of the homebuilding process is equally important. New Classics is dedicated to aiding you in every step so no detail is lost in the process. From the time the plans are drawn, we will assist you in design and selection until your home is completed, ready for you to move in, and we hand over the keys. New Classics is able to construct the perfect plans from existing designs or entirely from scratch. Our supervisors will be at your new home location every day to oversee that your home is constructed right.


New Classics has several plan options available to fit your needs: one, two or three stories, open design concept, various numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms. Or if you have found something that closely fits your wants and desires, we can draw up the plans in house and make modifications to create your ideal home. Look at our selection of plans below.


Designing your home without an interior decorator or the budget for a consult can be a headache trying to match paint colors with flooring, deciding wood or stone flooring, or getting the bedroom carpet to match the bathroom tile. New Classics, however, has taken the headache out of the designing process. Interior decorator, Jonn Spradlin has created design boards with the perfect selection of colors with several options available for paint, carpet, stone flooring, tile flooring, and granite countertops. All you have to do is choose a color scheme and decide which colors you would like to use in your new home.