Will you build in other areas than Longview?

Yes! We will build on your lot, in different subdivisions, or on your acreage.

Will you design a plan to suit my needs & desires?

Yes, we can design a plan or you can choose from plans that we have ready to go.

How much does it cost per square foot to build a home?

This is the most common question asked of us and the hardest one to answer. If a builder has a fast answer to this question, it usually means they are building a very plain house without much regard to what the customer really wants. Believe it or not, the customer is really in control to a large part in how much the house costs to build. The number of possible selections is almost endless and the cost for different items ranges widely depending on what you choose. Once we know what plan you are wanting to build and the details you want included in your home, we will be able to tell you what the house of your dreams will cost to build.

Do I have to make all the decisions about colors and finishes and other selections?

Because New Classics has a very high level of finish built into our standard specifications it is easier to achieve a gorgeous home with less decision making. We also have a professionally designed selection system with multiple color palettes each having options of flooring, paint, tile, etc. to aid in making great choices that you will love. The decisions about finished do need to be made, but at New Classics, we make it much easier.

How long does it take to build a new home?

There is a wide variation in the answer to this question. If you choose one of our plans or if you already have a set of plans that is ready to build, that will save a lot of time in the overall process. Other house plans prepared, the main issues determining construction time are how big the house is, how many stories, and the weather. We will give you an estimate of construction time or total design/build time once we have had the opportunity to visit with you about the home you desire to build.